Pressure Cycling Technology

Barocyclers are products of Pressure Biosciences Inc. The barocyclers NEP 2320 are optimized for productive biopsy tissue analysis.

DIA tool
Mass Spectrometry

We have several MS instruments of different vendors (Thermo Orbitrap HF, Sciex TripleTOF )

DIA tool
DIA Software

We analyze DIA data with a variety of software tools: OpenSWATH 2.4/2.0, DIANN 1.6/1.7, Skyline , EncyclopeDIA, Spectronaut

Cloud Computing

We developed cloud based tool to anlayze proteomic big data. e.g. BatchServer is a web server for batch effects evaluation, visualization, and correction. Check our gitlab: https://github.com/guomics-lab/

DIA Resource
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